What We Offer

You Keep Doing What Has Made You Successful.

You know the formula of your success. Our approach is to add to that formula, not to replace it. We seek to share best practices with our new colleagues—we learn from each other.

Technical Insurance Content.

As part of the MMC family of companies, our producers can gain access to myriad risk and insurance resources of our parent. Our information network provides us access to topical information. In addition, we can access Marsh’s industry and technical experts as needs arise.

Management Resources.

The purpose of any central office is to partner with and support local field operations. The home office and leadership works for the field - not the inverse. When you need help, simply ask and we will deliver for you.

A Culture of Simplicity and Accountability.

You will see that our structure and our operating principles are simple: Do good work; run a profitable business (or book); and have fun in the process. Underpinned by the following service principles, we attract like-thinking business leaders:

  • Understand Our Clients’ Businesses. To solve insurance problems effectively, we must understand the contexts in which they exist.
  • Quality People. The capability, skill, and care of our people are our key differentiators.
  • Trusting Relationships with Clients. Trust is earned with clients, not bought or sold. Clients want more than vendors; they want trusted advisors to help and consult them.
  • Proactive and Highly-Responsive Service. We need to be accessible; we need to deliver what we promise and to handle problems immediately when they occur.
  • Profitable Growth. This is the outgrowth—the symptom—of executing on the fundamentals each and every day. It is how we create and share wealth with our colleagues.

Resources to Continue Growing Your Business.

With the backing of a Fortune 200 enterprise, we can equip our leaders with additional intellectual and financial capital to assist with continuing to grow your business locally. MMA central management team is lean by design. Our goal is to provide our field leaders with additional resources that help them grow their businesses.

Local Teams. “Local Touch.”

Decision rights around sales and service are local—close to the client. Senior leadership is always available to provide counsel and coaching when appropriate. But, we believe that well-led operations want and need authority to function for clients and colleagues. Done right, we turn “local touch” into “personal touch” for each person with whom we interact.

A Great Place to Build Careers.

You are no doubt proud of the professional experience you have given to your team. Combining businesses makes sense if together we can enhance your colleagues’ experiences in ways neither of us could on our own. We have a social contract with our colleagues, which seeks to create a place where highly-motivated and capable people can flourish and grow in the careers. To deliver on this, we will continue to pursue our mission with world-class people who share these values:

  • Unwavering commitment to the success of the team;
  • Intense focus on profitable growth and service to our customers;
  • Unending pursuit of personal excellence; and
  • Strength of courage to confront and socialize reality.

To learn more about MMA, please click for FAQs or contact David Eslick at 914-397-1602 or via email at david.eslick@marshmc.com.